Large bouquet of gold floral jewellery GIYOU in a Moser vase

Gifts for guests and business partners

Recognise the contribution, cooperation, and loyalty of your business partners and colleagues by gifting them a piece of masterful craftsmanship. When looking for something to give your special guests, draw inspiration from the grace of our unique golden flowers. Here are our tips on original presents.

Tips on original gifts for business partners and guests

1. Large golden bouquets

Large exclusive bouquets of gold as an unique gift to appreciate partnership or show respect. An original gift for partners, work and business milestones and anniversaries. 

2. Unique bouquets of 24 karat gold

Discover the appeal of 24 carat golden bouquet as unique, valuable gifts for business partners or special guests. Get in touch to consult us or order a bouquet.

3. Bespoke products

Tell us about your idea of an original floral gift for business partners or special guests. We can make you a bespoke product.
This may concern the creation of special species or sizes to suit your particular occasion.

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Silver 925/1000, gold 585/1000 (14 ct), 750/1000 (18 ct), 999/1000 (24 ct) 

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