Kytice stříbrných květin GIYOU s bílými sušenými květinami.

Bouquets of silver with live flowers 

A bouquet of silver flowers complemented by live, dried or stabilized flowers to decorate your home, holidays or festivities. 

We can arrange one silver flower or a bouquet of up to 50-100 silver flowers for you. We can tie the bouquet or leave the flowers free.

Contact us with your idea, number and types of silver flowers and your idea of accompanying flowers and bouquet style. Some flower arrangements can be shipped, while others require personal delivery. 

Tips on bouquets with live flowers

Silver bouquets for special occasions, such as weddings, holidays, Christmas (Christmas bouquets), for decoration of spaces, various festive events.

1. Silver flowers

Choose your favorite silver flowers for the bouquet.

2. Bouquets with colours of nature

We use seasonal live, dried, or stabilized flowers that go well with GIYOU flowers. Some flower arrangements can be shipped, some require personal handover.
Please contact us with your idea, the number and types of silver flowers you have chosen and your idea of the accompanying flowers (their color, quantity, style of bouquet).


If you prefer to order by phone, we will happily assist.
+420 777 555 531