More about GIYOU 

Our imagination

The flowers we worked on didn't have a manual because there were no similar flowers. So we lived in imagination for three years

We imagined silver flowers being given at dates or placed in vases, decorating people’s homes; presented annually at anniversaries or collected for bouquets. We envisioned impressive golden bouquets as gifts or decorations at festivities, weddings, or institutions; brides holding silver or golden wedding bouquets; precious metal flowers being offered during wedding proposals or added into family generation vases.

What GIYOU brings

GIYOU flowers combine beauty of flowers and fineness of jewellery. They can be presented in person like living flowers, or sent in an envelope. They are a charming way to decorate your home, dining sets, weddings, ordinary and festive places. And larger bouquets and golden flowers make for an impressive gift for significant occasions. And they give people the opportunity to collect their dream large bouquet over time or create family vases. And they retain their beauty and value for generations.

Design and production

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, as well as precise jewellery design and production, making sure our products are not only beautiful, but also stand the test of time. The design and production take place in the Czech Republic.

GIYOU flowers are original in design and handmade of 925/1000 sterling silver, 585/1000 gold, or gold of higher fineness.

Unique and continuous gardening

The flowers we cultivate are one of a kind. We create an environment where flowers can thrive. We provide them with a balanced mix of attention, skills, sense of beauty, obsession with detail, and thought. We learn about our flowers and spend a lot of time with them.

GIYOU flowers have strong roots.

Every year, new flowers are created with a focus on different places of origin, themes; flowers with strong stories, and those lesser known. Every year, 5 to 10 new types of GIYOU flowers will be grown.