Silver Wedding Bouquet (30 A) (Ag 925/1000)

Meadow mix (A), an exclusive wedding bouquet of 30 different silver meadow flowers, is at the large end of our silver wedding bouquet range. Smaller bouquets contain 15 flowers, or you can compile your own custom bouquet of up to 50 flowers. The silver wedding bouquet will imbue your big day with a sense of originality, elegance, and grace. It can be used as the bride’s main bouquet, or in addition to a second one, bound from fresh-cut flowers. After the wedding you can put it in a vase where it will serve as a lasting memento.

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Silver wedding bouquet (A) of 30 various meadow flowers. Daisy (Bellis) 7x, cornflower (Centaurea) 8x, mouse-ear chickweed (Cerastium) 5x, lilac (Syringa) 5x, bellflower (Campanula) 5x. With seasonal fresh or dried flowers (included in the price).. The wedding bouquet is always delivered tied up. Silver flowers of a wedding bouquet have a longer stem than individual flowers (approximately 16,5 cm) to better hold in the hand. Wedding bouquets are made all year round.

Silver 925/1000, galvanized with silver 999/1000
Expertly handmade in Czech Republic
Collection: Meadow flowers. Unlimited
Design GIYOU 2021

The wedding bouquets are produced and sold as custom made products. The specific details of the wedding bouquet must be clarified (in particular fresh or dried flowers, binding, etc.) to match your expectations. Before clarifying the details of the bouquet, you can make online only reservation of the bouquet. Regarding clarification of details of the bouquet, please contact customer support email:, tel: +420-775-555-531. Delivery of the wedding bouquet within 7-10 days from the ordering and agreement on details of the bouquet.

We can also make this wedding bouquet for you from gold of 585/1000 fineness. Please see the information in the golden flowers section.