Collecting and gifting flowers over time

Collecting and gifting flowers is a good idea for men, women, companies, or institutions that want to repeatedly give a silver or golden flower to another person, perhaps once every year or six months, at a given time or on a certain recurring occasion, thus gifting a large bouquet over a long period of time, maybe five or ten years. It is also a good option for people who themselves want a large bouquet but buy a single flower at a time.

Each flower given can be a long-term repeated expression of thanks, recognition, sympathy, love, happiness, joy. Thus, over time, the bouquet in a vase grows large thanks to these expressions. In five or ten years, the recipient receives their desired large bouquet of silver or golden flowers, consisting of your gifts.

If you indicate in the shopping cart’s notes section that you are ordering a flower for gradual collection or gifting (the indication is not binding in any way), our customer support team will contact you with an offer of assistance beyond the general conditions of sale of GIYOU flowers, regarding the delivery of flowers, the delivery of special greeting cards, small gifts, or other special services.