Special Christmas set, containing a Rosenthal or Sugahara vase

Enjoy our special Christmas offer of a free porcelain Rosenthal, or glass, hand-blown Japanese Sugahara vase

(1) Order flowers

Ae least 10 silver flowers or ae least  1 golden flower

(2) Choose a vase

Chose a vase of Rosenthal or Sugahara from our offer

(3) Mention a vase into comments

Specify a chosen vase into the commnets of your order

(4) We deliver a vase

We deliver you ordered flowers with a chosen vase for free

The special offer applies to all orders made on www. giyou.cz or by making a purchase at the GIYOU GARDEN store from 1.11.2023 to 23.12.2023, provided they concern at least 10 silver flowers or one golden flower (of your choice). The choice of a vase from our range is limited by the number of vases in stock (if your preferred vase isn’t available, we’ll contact you and arrange a solution). If you are already receiving a workshop as a gift - here - you no longer qualify to receive a free vase (the gifts cannot be combined). If you need us to help you choose a flower or vase, contact our customer support team by calling +420-775-555-531 or sending an email to info@giyou.cz.