Tips on Christmas gifts

First and foremost, GIYOU makes an excellent gift for women. Surprise your loved ones with unique, valuable beauty

Christmas GIYOU bouquet

Decorate your home with a Christmas GIYOU bouquet (a mix of silver flowers and fresh or dried Christmas flowers) , or gift it to your loved ones. In the GIYOU GARDEN store in Prague or by online, we will prepare them for you according to your wishes. Please contact customer care or the GIYOU GARDEN store. You can find some Christmas bouquet here.

"Gift on gift"

Decorate your Christmas present with a silver or golden flower

Jewellery-making workshop

As a Christmas gift, make it possible for a loved one to try making jewellery models

Christmas surprise from us

Free shipping

From 1.11.2023 to 23.12.2023, all orders of silver or golden flowers are shipped free in Czechia. If you require shipping to other countries, the shipping fee remains.

Christmas set, including a Rosenthal or Sugahara vase

If you order a golden flower or at least 10  silver flowers, you will receive a free Rosenthal or Sugahara vase (of your choice) as a Christmas present. Learn more here.