Wedding gifts and GIYOU flowers

We have a few things to say about wedding gifts and whether or not silver or golden flowers are a good choice.

Wedding gifts

What we can say about the current wedding gift culture:

Guaranteed success
There is no wedding gift that is guaranteed to please. All newlyweds and those closest to them are different. The best piece of advice we can give you - listen to your reason and heart.

Modern culture
In 2020, approximately 1.4 million weddings were officiated in the EU (e.g. 373 thousand in Germany, 148 thousand in France, 145 thousand in Poland, and 45 thousand in Czechia). People strive to act in a sophisticated manner during the ceremony but modern culture isn’t exactly rife with manuals on how to do so. It seems, though, that the era of practical gifts is over and they’re being replaced with money, experiences, and beautiful, artful, original, or luxury gifts. The couple itself also affects the nature of the wedding gift, and it’s a good idea to take that into account.

Art of gifting
Think and be perceptive. That way your gift can become a piece of art. Creativity, originality, style, form, and a certain sense of ease and joy are a part of gifting. It’s worth it. Enjoy yourselves.

Wedding gifts for guests and the family 
Gifts to wedding guests and the newlyweds’ families also fall under the umbrella of wedding gifts. A special article will detail this particular type.

GIYOU flowers as a wedding gift

What we believe gives charm to the act of giving silver or golden flowers to newlyweds:

Uniqueness and the production of flowers
GIYOU flowers are hand-made by a small family business in Czechia, using a precise, jewellery-making technique. They were inspired by natural flowers, combined with jewellery to create a beautiful, elegant product. Their uniqueness underlines the uniqueness of celebrating two people coming together.

Grace of the festive occasion
GIYOU flowers combine simplicity and grace, suiting the festive occasion.

Broad selection
You can gift a single silver flower, three flowers, or a large bouquet of silver or golden flowers of any species you like. Each makes for an impressive gift.

Gifting and preserving flowers
GIYOU flowers can be gifted just like living flowers, in a vase or a gift box. We can bind them for you like a bouquet of meadow flowers. After the wedding, the newlyweds can place them in a vase and use them to decorate their home, study, nightstand, fireplace, table, or place them next to a framed wedding photo; a constant celebration of their relationship.

The silver or gold which go into the making of the flowers preserve their value and protect the flowers, turning them into household silver.

Family memories, generation vases
GIYOU flowers don’t wither away and remain beautiful for a long time. They can be passed down the generations, turning into generation vases full of family memories. It’s important for people to preserve their family memories. Who wouldn’t want to have the flowers their great-grandmother got for her wedding, or add their own as a reminder of their own wedding celebration?