Generation vases

Our friends had a vase with tiny shining flowers on their shelf. They noticed us looking. “Our great-grandmother got those three silver snowdrops from our grandmother and grandfather as a graduation gift. Those daisies are grandmother’s; grandpa gave them to her when they met… And over there, that’s our mum’s vase; dad adds a new flower every year… Every time mum passes by she smiles. She might even be secretly talking to those flowers…”

A selection of silver GIYOU flowers in hands of women. Ag 925/000

What’s a GIYOU generation vase?

You’ve seen small vases, large vases, crystal vases, elongated vases, round vases… but “generation vases”? Do they have a place in your life?

Silver flowers embody the amazing beauty of flowers and the timelessness of precious metals in the form of a generation gift. They draw inspiration from nature and stop time in its tracks.

In generation vases, flowers of different generations of women and their life stories meet, passing down the generations.

Various silver GIYOU flowers in vases, with photos. Ag 925/000 
Silver GIYOU bellflowers. Ag 925/000 

What preserves family memories?

Family memories are important to people, as is surrounding oneself with things that keep those memories alive.

That’s why people keep photos, diaries, rings, pictures, grandma’s clothes, or stories. Houses or family firms are more of a business matter nowadays, not a way to ensure family memories will survive.

GIYOU jewel flowers

Silver and golden GIYOU flowers are a generation gift.

They combine the beauty of flowers and the timelessness of jewellery, resistant to time, eternal. Valuable, they became a part of your household silver, protecting themselves.

They’re elegant, make your home look nice, give you joy, and can always share your space with you. Moreover, they don’t take up much room, can be moved, and are there with you as you go through changes in your life.

Even their incompleteness, begging to be corrected, can be valuable. 

Silver GIYOU bellflowers. Ag 925/000 

A GIYOU generation vase. Ag 925/000 

Charming generation vases

GIYOU flowers make for charming generation vases. They can establish family traditions and beautifully, gently preserve memories.

We’d be grateful if you decide to share with us your experience with creating generation vases.