118 flowers of pure gold

In November 2022, we began creating unique jewellery flowers. In 2023, a customer purchased our silver flowers and was so charmed by them he immediately placed a highly unusual order - a golden bouquet of almost 0.75 kg gold to decorate his home. The bouquet is now finished and we can share its beauty with you.

Information on the bouquet

The bouquet consists of golden GIYOU flowers (daisies, cornflowers, lilac, bellflowers, lavender, snowdrops, ryegrass, plantain, mouse-ear chickweed, violets, violet leaves). The 118 flowers are made of purest gold (999.9/1000), hallmarked 999/1000.

The total weight is 739 g and price roughly 3.5 million CZK (150.000 EUR). The bouquet’s purpose is to decorate the customer’s home.

Unlike golden products made of less fine gold (especially 14 ca and 18 ca gold) which are available in a wide range of colours, 24 ca has a uniform bright, impressive orange-yellow appearance, noticeably different from the colour of gold most people are accustomed to. Apart from its look, its investment value also makes it a sought-after commodity.

These were the reasons why 24 ca gold was chosen as the material for the bouquet. Due to its softness, it’s used only rarely in jewellery-making. However, since the bouquet isn’t meant to be worn and the risk of scratching is minimal, the impressive, soft, pure gold was an obvious choice.


Available information suggests the 118 flower bouquet might be the most expensive golden flower/bouquet created in the current world. Neither is there any information on any modern pure gold bouquet containing as many flowers or as many different species.

To us, the bouquet’s main significance lies in the way it confirms to us our work is meaningful—that we’re able to create delicate, impressive flowers to complement people’s lives and bring new experiences. 

GIYOU flowers are meant for those who are happy with a single silver flower, or interested in impressive valuable gifts and decorations. Both directions are important to us, and in the future we plan to be accepting orders for unique flowers more often.

We trust the 118 flower bouquet isn’t the last or most important piece we crafted. We’re just starting out and looking forward to more work and the joy it will bring.

Bouquet placed in a Moser vase. Czech Miss Earth 2015 Karolína Mališová (@karolinamalisova) wearing the leading Czech fashion designer Beata Rajská (@beatarajska, www.beatarajska.com). 

We appreciate your interest in GIYOU flowers.