Customisation and bespoke products

Customisation and bespoke products

Most of the silver, golden flowers or other GIYOU products can be customised upon request. We’ll be happy to fulfil your desire for exceptionality. It is also possible to customise the gift box or emboss it with a personal message. Moreover, our designers can create a silver or golden flower as a bespoke product in event of larger amount of ordered flowers. On request, we can also make all golden flowers from 750/1000 (18 kt) or 999/1000 (24 kt) gold.

Gifts as a show of appreciation

We customise our products or create bespoke products for you to gift as a show of appreciation for a social, artistic, scientific, business, or other achievement or simply as a token of gratitude. GIYOU flowers can meet your expectations for what constitutes a suitable show of gratitude and appreciation of artistic, scientific, sporting, or business performance.

Business gifts

We customise products or create new ones as business gifts or gifts for employees and business partners.

Ordering bespoke products

Please, describe your vision to us in detail as soon as possible so that we can make your bespoke or customised product. We will get back to you within two weeks with a rough agreement, price estimate, and production time. Bespoke or customised products cannot be returned or exchanged. Your right to return faulty goods is not affected. All these services, as well as the process of preparing the customisation or the creation of a bespoke product, require that you agree to the requested customisation and look of the product, as well as the price quote. For more information please call custumer service +420-775-555-531 or send an email to

You can find selected unique bespoke creations here.